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A little over 5 years ago, I really started to take an interest in my health. I have always been very active and never had issues with my weight, thanks to my metabolism, but my diet was not the best. Like a lot of other college students I ate a lot of pizza, fast food, and burgers, and as long as I wasn't overweight I was ok with it. It wasn't until I met Allison, now my wife and genius behind our beverage, that my eyes were really opened up to eating healthy. I didn't change overnight, but the more I focused on my diet the better I felt, and the more productive my workouts were. From that point forward eating clean and focusing on a well balanced diet was now a lifestyle for me. I am constantly seeking new and more effective way to keep my body running its best. 



When I first started using apple cider vinegar, as most of you know, the taste was pretty rough, but the results were awesome. Each person seems to have a different story as to why they started using ACV as part of their daily regiment, and how it helped them; Hence the plethora of blog posts. I'm no different, but these 3 specific reasons are why I use ACV as part of my daily diet.  



1. Promotes Digestive Health

Apple cider vinegar is considered to be both a probitotic and a prebiotic. It replenishes the friendly bacteria in your gut (probiotic), as well as stimulates the growth of the friendly bacteria already present in your body (prebiotic). Beneficial bacteria helps to predigest essential nutrients in foods, supplements, and liquids more efficiently.

2. Balances the PH in your body

Even though vinegar is acidic, when we take apple cider vinegar it has an alkaline effect in our bodies. The fact that apple cider vinegar causes our pH levels to become more alkaline could play a large part in it’s curative properties. It also reacts to some toxins in our bodies, converting them into less toxic substances. Our bodies need a slightly alkaline pH balance to be healthy.

3. Promotes Weight Loss

A study in obese individuals showed that daily vinegar consumption led to reduced belly fat, waist circumference, lower blood triglycerides and weight loss over a 12 week period of time. So don't expect to see results over night.  I recommend an exercise regiment, 3-4x a week, to help speed the process up :) Bottom line - studies suggest that vinegar can increase feeling of fullness and help you eat 200-270 less calories per day! That's more than 10% of the daily suggested caloric intake.

15mL (1 tbsp): Lost 2.6 lbs.

30mL (2 tbsp): Lost 3.7 lbs



Implement ACV for 30 days and see what it can do for you!

Cheers to your health!

~ Stephen Ellsworth