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Hi, I'm Lydia. I am a mom, babysitter, and preschool teacher. I am also a Mother Beverage addict.  

A few months ago, a good friend of mine mentioned something about an apple cider vinegar drink (ACV). Intrigued, I asked for more information. I've tried various ACV based drinks before and haven't been a fan. I've known the benefits, however, I just couldn't get passed the taste to stick with anything longer than one drink, and in some cases, one swallow.

My friend offered to bring me a bottle of Mother Beverage to try. Out of curiosity, I agreed. I honestly did not believe I would like it and didn't expect anything to come of this one bottle. I was wrong.

After my initial "hesitated-pinch my nose- baby swallow" ... I chugged the bottle. Yes, I actually chugged it, not because it was nasty and I wanted to get it over with, but because it really was the best apple cider drink I have ever tried. I found myself disappointed when I came to the end of the bottle. I was hooked, and I wanted more.

I texted my friend asking how to get more. She brought me a case. I planned on rationing them to make them last longer. That didn't work. I drank two the first day. By the next day, something happened. I was beginning to see the amazing things this drink was doing for my body. I was starting to feel good.

I have struggled with digestive and intestinal issues my whole life. Without going into too much detail, I've been dependent on medications and/or supplements to help my body "work " normally since birth. However, things were changing. I have now been drinking Mother Beverage at least one or two times a day for over a month and I feel great. My body works like a normal person. In addition, I am not experiencing heart burn as often, I can think more clearly (less brain fog) and I am no longer dependent on the medications/supplements. I am also finding that I'm not catching every cold or illness going around like I was before.

These drinks are heaven sent. I am now able to receive all the benefits ACV provides AND enjoy it at the same time. A big thank you to Mothers Beverage creators and to my friend for introducing me to my new favorite drink.