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Our Very First Tasting

Our Very First Tasting

Ok, so maybe it's not our very first taste test of these lovely ACV infusions that we have crafted, but it is the first taste test of many in these batches that we have produced to share with you.  To scale a recipe can be a bit of a challenge, so we are paying very close attention to make sure the flavors turn out just right.  We have found a way to make ACV refreshing and enjoyable to drink, so we won't rest until the infusions are perfect.

The first tasting went great, and the infusions are on their way to perfection.  The lavender lemon, has a great citrus taste with a subtle touch of lavender to really balance things out.  The grapefruit mint, one of our favorites, is so refreshing.  The mint is so vibrant, and the Texas ruby red grapefruits are so juicy that you forget that there is even apple cider vinegar in it.

If you like the taste of sprite, then the lime ginger is right up your alley.  The ginger really packs a palette cleansing punch, while the lime really rounds out the flavor to make it nice a crisp.  The strawberry vanilla, another favorite of ours, is coming along quite nicely, but we feel that it needs a bit more vanilla for the taste to really come across, so we've added some more vanilla stalks. Its a classic combination, and it tastes great if it's done right.  

The blueberry sage is turning out beautifully.  It has such a deep rich color that makes drinking it very pleasant.  The blueberry hits your tastebuds first, but the sage creeps in at the finish to really liven the flavor up.  And last, but not least we have the orange cinnamon flavor. We initially thought that this should be a seasonal flavor because of the cinnamon, but it was too good not to share.  The orange and cinnamon really blend nicely together. So well that you won't even think its the holiday season, or that if you do, you won't care because it tastes so great.

We are excited to see how the infusions taste next week, especially the strawberry vanilla, so check back for an update.  Don't forget, that while you're enjoyable a delicious drink, you are also drinking your daily serving of apple cider vinegar.  If you like apple cider vinegar, or have a story to share below please comment or like our post.  We would love to hear from you.