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When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  I've always used this quote as a source of motivation when things don't go my way. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have been running into some issues trying to find a bottle.  After some deliberation, we reluctantly decided to move forward using a standard soda bottle, but we were moving forward nonetheless. We ordered some samples and put them to the test.  We filled them, capped them, and placed the bottles at different temperatures to see how they would respond.  We were almost certain that we would have some issues, but to our surprise, there weren't any!   Finally, we had found a bottle that worked! 

Now that we found a bottle, we knew we had a bit of design work to tackle. We really liked our labels for the square bottles, so we started there. We resized, reorganized, deleted, added, changed fonts; you name it and we tried it.  Nothing was working out so we started from scratch.  I'll spare you and keep those designs to ourselves, but let's just say they weren't doing it for us. So we went back to the old label one more time, trying not to over think it this time around. I made one simple edit and the label came together. This is what we ended up with.



Not bad, right? We whipped up a new label for the neck of the bottle, and Voila! We finalized the spacing and sent them off to the print house for a quote. These bottles were working out better than expected. The very next morning, we called up our supplier and placed a small order.  Note that "small" is a relative word.  About a week later our bottles showed up.


As exciting as the delivery of this "small" order of bottles was, getting them off the truck and into our garage was no small task. The height of the pallet, the lip on our garage floor, the limited space for the truck to maneuver, and the way in which the bottles were put on the truck all posed threats to the end goal.  A brief 45 minutes later, the bottles were off the truck and in our garage. Bada bing bada boom.

Things were really looking up!  We nailed down the labels, received our bottles and caps, and even set up our carbonator. Oh, and just for fun, we decided to whip up our seventh flavor...Raspberry Rose. The organic raspberries were perfectly ripe and ready to infuse with the rose petals.  The week was really shaping up nicely. By the time we get the labels back, this flavor will nearly be ready to bottle. 



Each day we get one step closer to launching. We are grateful for all your support and are happy that you are following us on this journey! Stayed tuned, for the journey has just begun.